Polar Bear

Les Art Toys une collection de figurines pour les web designers et créatifs

French designer and woodworker Malet Thibaut just released this limited edition…

Great for adult lego fans. Limited Edition Wood-Carved Lego Guys by Malet Thibaut

"Target: Self-Medicated" | Artists: Luke Chueh and Jason Freeny

Luke Chueh / Jason Freeny collab, produced by Munky King Toys. Coming out this summer at SDCC. Hand cast and painted in the USA.

Dolly Oblong — Baldwin (3" resin toy)

Dolly Oblong — Baldwin resin toy) Cute and funny toy design

Berenjena, Artist: DGPH, Manufacturer: adFunture // Rotocasted.com: For the love of toys!

Berenjena is a Designer toy designed by Dgph and manufactured by Adfunture in 2008

Oliver Hibert: Furry man

check out the great colorful artworks by american artist oliver hibert.

Remember these? Made from solid resign and ready for customising.

11 inspiring design toys for your desk

#Barbie #Anatomy #Model

Hot on the heels of LEGO anatomy guy comes artist Jason Freeny& latest work: a hand-sculptured anatomical model of Barbie. Prints available in his shop.

Fotos da cronologia

Smurf skull complete, moving on to the pelvis.