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Fate Zero, Berserker wallpaper

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Naruto - Sasuke Generations - He's touching his forehead like Itachi *used* to. And the top one. So sad/cool!

Code geass vs death note!! But how r they similar? Lelouch is obviously a better person than Kira rite?

I agree except the last point because yeah light ran away like a bitch but in the anime he saw his past which means that he did realise what he had done and what he could have done.

steins gate wallpaper - Google Search

Just finished Steins; Gate, it was quite the spectrum of emotions. // (Expect my anime board to be flooded with Steins;

they look so chill but in reality yukio's about to shoot his own brother!

Theres a lot of emotion in this pic. But lets talk about how fucking badass Rin is. Just staring down the barrel of his own goddamn brother without being phased. I wish I could have that type of calmness.