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My bookmarks that I’ll be selling at Nom-Con this weekend! Hope you like!

Steven Universe Bookmark- We are the crystal pearls, we always find a way and if you say we can't we'll something something something Garnet, amethyst and pearl, and STEVEN!

The Crystal Weapons Minimalist - Steven Universe by SekultSiul on ...

So, I decided to merge together all the weapons from the gems in Steven Universe as you may know by now, and let me tell you I am in love with that seri. The Crystal Weapons Minimalist - Steven Universe

Anybody wanna do a Steven Universe rp? You can rp as your characters or characters from the show! :)

I drew a big ol’ Steven Universe scramble, I really like how it turned out! If you come see me at Otakon I’m gonna be selling it as a print. Steven Universe is a good show and I’m super glad kids have it! Some of the episodes are hit or miss for me.