Maria Fernanda Maio Veloso

Maria Fernanda Maio Veloso

Maria Fernanda Maio Veloso
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These wall tiles by Mauricio Affonso are made from the luffa plant. They are strong, light weight, breathable, highly absorbent and completely biodegradable. Can be used as acoustic wall tiles in the home or office.

Joseon dynasty tea bowl, early 17th cent.

Tea bowl with decoration of chrysanthemums and wavy lines Joseon dynasty first half of the century Probably Korea Stoneware with stamped, white-slip design

Africa | "Velvet" cloth from the   Shoowa People of the Kuba Kingdom of DR Congo | ca. early 20th century | Raffia, cut pile and embroidery

Man's Status Cloth ("Kuba Velvet") Shoowa people, DR Congo Early century Raffia palm fiber, stem stitch and cut pile embroidery x 12 The endless knot (imbol) is one of the most traditional Kuba designs and can be traced to the earliest Congo textile arts.