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Easy way to assemble 2 wires 👌

PWM with Forward and Reverse. Simple Analogue Bi-Directional DC Motor Speed Control.

Finally a simple circuit to control the direction of a DC motor. This circuit requires 6 components.I updated the description base on suggestions from Franky...

Animated Circuit of a Low Cost 3*3*3 LED Cube using 555 Timer IC (Part 1)

blinking pattern in a 3*3*3 led cube using 555 timer integrated circuit chip, 555 timer for controlling patterns in 3*3*3 led cube, adjust the speed of blinking pattern in 3*3*3 led cube using 555

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048 - Driver para LEDS de alta potencia | Inventable

Descripción en modo detallado de como construir un driver para LEDS de alta potencia analizando muchas cuestione relacionadas con este tipo de dispositivo.

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100 IC Circuits

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Инструмент для моделизма

How to Make Car LED Chasing Tail Light, Brake Light Circuit | Homemade Circuit Projects

The circuit explained here is presented in response to a request sent by one of the avid readers of this blog. The proposed circuit is of a sequential LED light […]

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electronic gifts

Frida Kahlo illustrated design

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Motion detector alarm circuit with PIR sensor | Simple and Cheap

A motion detection alarm circuit using a PIR.SENSOR motion detection, if the move is a positive light from the PIR sensor, triggered by a delay circuit,

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new electronics

Amazon.com: new electronics

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LED Strips Dimmer with 555 Circuit

Project for a dimmer high power LED strips using iC 555 for LED Strip, Muticolor , RGB LED strip.

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How to make led chaser circuit | running light | using ic 4017 / ic 555

Led Chaser, led chaser circuit, led chaser lights, led chaser circuit diagram, LED CHASER,ic 4017, ic 555, diy running light, electronics projects, How to ma...

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Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles & More | eBay

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How to make a Police Style Strobe Light Circuit? - Electronics Area

Police Style Strobe Light Circuit. This circuit shows the familiar lights which are used on police cars. It uses a 555 timer and a 4017B decade counter

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LED Meteor Shower, Rain Tube Circuit | Homemade Circuit Projects

In this post we learn how to design an intriguing LED light effect that generates a collapsing metor shower like appearance. The idea was requetsed by Mr.Pinto Mondal. Technical Specifications […]

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Luz de seguridad para bicicletas

Luz de seguridad para bicicletas