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The Last - 03 by on @DeviantArt<< Genocide really gets to you....

Previous: 02 Next: 04 ---- Now it's blue xD lineart this page is soo much fun xD Undertale (c) Toby Fox Comic (c) Me The Last - 03

UNDERTALE by MasterCheefs on DeviantArt

Undertale is such a cute, retro-y game! If you don't choose the genocide route.<Even without genocide route it can get pretty dark and gruesome.

Undertale stole my soul but I'm cool with it. I want to draw a lot of comics but I'm sooo sloooow. I mean, I gonna draw them anyway but.What with you, Frisk? And you gonna SPEAR Undyne, right?

Poke Ball Prop, Full-Scale/Resin Cast/Painted with FREE Stand!

This is a full-scale hand sized Poke Ball cosplay prop. It is a partially resin cast and partially printed prop with moderate durability.