Francine Louzada Pacheco

Francine Louzada Pacheco

Francine Louzada Pacheco
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Another preposition aid for ELs & students in general. I couldn't get enough of these! Can use with students to see which prove most helpful. All are unique in different ways.

A preposition aid for ELL students as well as native language students. Comprehensible input is critical for ELL students, and this guide provides engaging pictures that explain the most common prepositions in the English language.

Learning English

Having the prepositions of time listed and in sections is nice. But I would also have more graphic examples. I would make a worksheet where the students matched examples to the appropriate preposition of time.

Weather Vocabulary in English

We have created some new pages about the weather, the temperature and also about idioms to do with the weather. Our vocabulary page about the weather in general includes the different types of rain…

As little writers advance, adding these negative adverbs to their vocabulary will enhance storytelling. Additionally, learning to label their OWN feelings will help them develop emotionally.