That Kind Of Woman

tihdal: “soudasouda: “ / semanalondon: - to use this beautiful terrazzo stone as top tables for the battersea restaurant!

BuddyTV Slideshow | 'The Flash' Episode 2.6 Photos: Zoom Comes to Central City

"Enter Zoom" Photos for 'The Flash' Reveal Better Look at Zoom - Comic Vine

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To show "beauty behind the mask." Flowers symbolic of life and vitality, and masks (austronaut & old scuba) to show transcendence of time; (gas or poison masks) to show the contradiction of life and death.

Swinging, photographie de Bernd Walz. Canon EOS 5D MkII, EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM @58 mm, N.D. 3.0 neutral density filter, f/22, 26 seconds. long exposure. Dans Gens, Quotidien, Loisir. Swinging, photographie de Bernd Walz. Image #238464

Swinging, photography by Bernd Walz. Canon EOS MkII, IS USM mm, N.

MICHAEL MANNING #computer #digital #art

Michael Manning at Bill Brady Gallery (holy shit this is beautiful and I don't know what it is doing to me)