Zachary Quinto. *sigh* Even though you prefer boys, a girl can dream......

Zachary Quinto as Maglor, totally rocking the 'I haven't slept for the last three days because MUSIC please Maitimo don't kill me' look.

Zach quinto plays dr Thredson in American horror story. Adorable ad sexy! ... Until you find out who Thredson really is... O.O

Zachary Quinto with glasses is almost better than regular Zachary Quinto.<<cause he looks like Syler:)

Zachary Quinto❤ I adore him as Spock in Star Trek!! He is just so adorable when he gets transformed into Spock!!! :)

Zachary Quinto❤ I adore him as Spock in Star Trek! He is just so adorable when he gets transformed into Spock! :) i also loved him in American Horror Story!

Zachary Quinto. ❤️ I'm just saying that if you don't watch American Horror Story, you should start. Right meow.

Zachary Quinto Photoshoot

chris pine and zachary quinto No offense to Zachary, but all I care about is the amazing ness on the left.

“Epic bromance here. Look at the way Chris stares at Zach. Both of them look so hot.

"When you have a villain, they're evil. But when you have a hot villain, they're just misunderstood!"

I was surprised to see no love for Spock.

Zachary Quinto - it's his eyebrows that get me!

Zachary Quinto - he's pretty much just hot. even as spock he was kind of hot in a weird way.

Oh my goodness. He is SO CUTE.

Since the other Zach Quinto pin I have is dedicated to the cat, I felt I should have one here just for Mr. You know, so he doesn't feel left out.

Any love for Zachary Quinto?

Any love for Zachary Quinto? My favorite sci-fi actor of all time.

This isn't even a photoshoot, it's just Zachary Quinto standing around a set. TOO ATTRACTIVE.

that awkward moment when you realize spock is a hottie. Conste que yo lo supe desde que vi heroes

Kirk & Spock (I LOVE these two!)

Zachary Quinto And Chris Pine's Bromance Is The Best Bromance