Anton Lisin-have no clue who this young man is, but his face, his posture, his look, the lines of his lips make me think of Diego Adan. So....we've got a winner! Finally!! Here's my WWII sharpshooter!

Charahub is an awesome character development and writing tool. Upload your characters, add images, and all of the data you have on them!

Well-dressed young man, 1930s. Aww, too bad this rare species died out a long time ago :(

James Roosevelt, son of President and Mrs. Roosevelt, Served second in command of Marine Raider Battalion "Carlson's Raiders".

DH..... wow he must have had women fall at his feet when he was a young man..... probably still does ;-)

12 Photography Basics for Portrait Photography: 40 Examples

The Ordinary Young Man, um projeto ilustrado por Fernando Cobelo

The ordinary young man

Portrait of a Young Man  Bronzino (Agnolo di Cosimo di Mariano)  (Italian, Monticelli 1503–1572 Florence)  Date: 1530s

Portrait of a Young Man Bronzino (Agnolo di Cosimo di Mariano) (Italian, Oil on wood. The sitter must have belonged to Bronzino’s close circle of literary friends in.

A young Prince William

TIMELINE: Britney's Post-Deposition Meltdown

Untitled: Thought to be a Portrait of a young man of the Chigi Family, Jacob Ferdinand Voet (artist)

Jacob Ferdinand Voet Portrait of a Young man of the Chigi Family, century (The lace collar is gros point de Venise)

Boys will be boys! But how do you raise up a son so that he is also kind and polite? Strong and thoughtful? Here's how you can bring him up to be a gentleman too....24 Ways to Prepare Your Young Man to Become a Gentleman ~ Club31Women

24 Ways to Prepare Your Young Man to Become a Gentleman

But he can be taught to be a gentlemen. A gentlemen in the right sense - not in a sissy, unreasonable manner - but a kind, respectful, and godly young man.

The BEST LDS Young Womens and Young Mens Combined Activities

The BEST LDS Young Women's and Young Men's Combined Activities - I love these! Most of them can be used for Singles Ward too, neat and different activities instead of the typical - volleyball. Even could be modified for Primary.