Blue Waves Wind Spinner | Wind Spinners | Blue Spinner, garden spinner, new spinners, wind spinner

Our beautiful, swirling Blue Waves Wind Spinner features wave-shaped blades painted serene shades of blue, reminiscent of the ocean. When the breeze blows,

Crystal circles suncatcher #wire_wrapping

Crystal circles suncatcher for the back deck next to Willow.and different stones - agates, sea glass, etc.

Hanging Leaves Wind Spinner | Wind Spinners

Add even more autumn color to your yard with our Hanging Leaves Wind Spinner. When your trees have gone barren, look to this spinner with gorgeous leaves in …

Create an Optical Illusion with this Vintage Marble Wind Spinner. It's simple…

Create an Optical Illusion with this Vintage Marble Wind Spinner

These vintage marble wind spinners are an easy-to-make optical illusion for your garden. As they blow and twist in the wind, it appears that the marble moves up and down along the coiled wire.

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Kinetic Pinwheel Spinner with stake - Let the wind set these copper-plated Garden Spinners awhirl Quick and easy yard art!these spinners are set in motion with just wind power.

Kinetic Wind Sculptures - Black Flowers

Kinetic Wind Sculptures

Cosmic Wind Spinner | Wind Spinners

Our Cosmic Wind Spinner brings spectacular style to your universe. This eye-catching garden accent features colorful metal discs with glass centers for a mes…

Soda can wind spinners. As seen on Chincoteague. Been wanting to make these for a while.

wind spinners from soda cans. make from plastic bottles so no nasty sharp edges for little curious fingers