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i felt detached from myself

Kelly Monson, Suction, June 2011, Graphite, 16 x 20

This picture is a disorder. What is usually such a lovely thing when people kiss, there is something very disturbing about it. Their faces are stuck together which makes you feel uncomfortable. Or that when people kiss, they don't wNt it to ever end

'Mi Hermano Javier Art', embroidery on hand by David Cata.

'Mi Hermano Javier Art', embroidery on hand by David Cata. why i placed in quirky board.

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The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// ashley longshore

weird art tumblr - Pesquisa Google

Queen of Coney Island



don kenn gallery

John Kenn, Monster, Ink on paper

Epic Music Art. Weird...but I like

Epic Music Art

Gorgeous artwork of re-imagined musical instruments. The drum is probably my favorite.

Last month I decided to make digital illustrations of some weird guys and items that I have on my stoner mind. hope u enjoy

Elzorro R - Stoners World

Frightening storybook illustrations--too vivid for big imaginations! (Jon MacNair)

An Abrupt Farewell by JonMacNair

Mickey Mouse / Weird Art Print @Pinky Anderson

Mickey Mouse at the Disney office party / Pop Art

GROSS!!  Edinburgh-based artist Jessica Harrison has created a collection of creepy miniature furniture that look like they have been crafted out of human skin and flesh.

Chair with cuts. I'd like to think of it as the 'Stomach Cramp Zombie Realness Highback' --> French bergere made of resin flesh by Chinese artist Cao Hui. Entitled 'Chair with Guts'

Weird Art

cumaeansibyl: kleenexwoman: ANGLERFISH MERMAID OH MY FUCKING... (http://dreamboatcourtney.tumblr.com/)

unexplained-events: “ So, apparently this is from the Italian movie poster for Il prato macchiato di rosso [The Bloodstained Lawn], but if we’re talking deep-sea mermaid, I think an angler-fish.

Collage by Carlos Bongiovanni | http://inagblog.com/2016/05/next-artists-guide-1/ | #collage #art

The Secret Garden Carlos Bongiovanni

Dark side of typography

Dark Side of Typography

eye yolk, cover artwork by enric torres prat

polluted water popsicles

The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// polluted water popsicles