not all animated movies are for kids. - Watership Down and Plague Dogs....soooeh sad. get ready to bawl.

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Watership Down Prezi by Farzeen Syeda on Prezi

Commission for Some tattoo design of the Black rabbit of Inlé (Watership Down). Watership Down - Small Black Rabbit tattoos

Watership Down by Richard Adams   Amazing book an movie. A must read if you haven't.


“My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today.” – Lapine Mourning for the Dead, Richard Adams, Watership Down

Watership Down by Richard Adams >> thewarrenofsnares

Watership Down RIP Richard Adams "My heart has joined the thousand, for my friend stopped running today.

Watership Down by nnyei (

This is my first work which is worthy to upload here. I am a great fan of the novel called Watership Down by Richard Adams. This is a tribute to him.

watership down and rabbits - characters

Watership down, rabbit characters. I have more ones uncolored, but I don't think I will color them, so upload all the finished ones. Sadly, some of the . Watership Down rabbits

Amazing book, filled with childhood fantasy and adult sophistication, an elegant and compelling read

Watership Down is an amazing book written by Richard Adams. He impacted my childhood ensuring his characters stayed with me. Rah Richard, you are missed.

Watership Down Quote wood burning on maple by Theburnttree on Etsy

Watership Down Quote, wood burning on maple veneered board, home decor, pyrography, wall hanging

This is a beautiful piece of fanart for Watership Down. I have trouble expressing how much I like this  - especially with the characters names on the seed packets and them surrounded by their namesake plants. I love Watership Down. I would highly recommend it to animal-lovers :)

El-ahrairah's Owsla by LaurasMuse “For that matter, Odysseus himself might have borrowed a trick or two from the rabbit hero, for he is very old and was never at a loss for a trick to deceive his enemies.” ― Richard Adams, Watership Down