Von Wilde Natur zu Natur Kunst Möbel

Water reflections in pastel pink hues. Crystal clarity with layers of light.

16 questions to find out if you are as smart as the average 3rd grader.

90% Of 3rd Graders Pass This Animal Vocabulary Test. Can You?


UNDERWATER I like the idea of the ocean, it mirrors back to me the beauty and death in my soul, wordlessly articulating my restless longing for the unspeakable like nothing else.

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Weekly Inspiration 35

"Kyllä minä tiesin, että myrsky oli tulossa, mutten arvannut sen tulevan näin pian":

Stormy Ocean Waves

DIY :: edible flower ice cubes, raspberry + herbs ice cubes and lavender + mint ice cubes #healthy #christmas #foodporn

Jazz up Your Water Glass

Love the mint ice cubes for some frwsh lemonade! yummy DIY :: edible flower ice cubes, raspberry + herbs ice cubes and lavender + mint ice cubes

Are you drinking enough water? The health benefits of drinking water are well…

The Miracle Drink With AMAZING Health Benefits

The overall effects of water and how it can help your sleep. (Non GMO, premium vitamins , pain management, sleep management, mood and energy)

Water's season is winter. Water's direction is North. Water's position on the feng shui ba-gua represents career and the life journey.

TOP 10 Magnificent Photos That Will Place Iceland On Your Bucket List

black, white & blue ] (by D-P Photography) ” Bruarfoss, Iceland - beautiful Icelandic nature

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Black & White Photography Inspiration Picture Description Linadini Yasmin and Dewi Setyaningsih of Indonesia compete in the Women's Platform Synchronized Diving preliminary at the FINA World Championships. Photo: Adam Pretty, Getty Images (b&w version)

My interview with Gluten Free School about the importance of drinking water and how to participate in the 40 Day Water Challenge.

Gluten-Free? Drink Water

Need a secret weapon for weight loss? It's water! Drink plenty of water throughout the day to quench hunger and to keep hydrated.

Weihnachtlicher Drink mit Lillet, Birne und Zimt

Lillet Winter Thyme For 1 drink: 5 cl Lillet Blanc 5 cl pear juice 5 cl Tonic Water 2 cl cinnamon syrup 3 cl fresh lemon juice Decoration: cinnamon sticks, pear slices , thyme