It's July and all remains red, white and blue. The July 1939 Vogue cover by Horst P. Horst (at

Vogue Cover - July 1939 - Lipstick, Quick

We’re loving this Vogue 1939 cover. This would look amazing as a print or poster in your bathroom!

Vogue UK Jerry Hall's first Vogue Cover   Its AMAZING!!! Call Me Blue

Here's another fun postcard of a British Vogue Magazine cover for you- this one is from May The young Jerry Hall graced this cover wearing a blue bathing cap and gabbing on a matching blue phone.

Vogue (Paris) 1950 Novembre, Photo Irving Penn, Jacques Fath, Tom Keogh, Colette, Associated Haute Couture Fabrics

Cover of 'Vogue Paris', November 1950 - featuring Jacques Fath, Tom Keogh, Colette, Associated Haute Couture Fabrics (photo by Irving Penn)

Jean Patchett by Irving Penn, Vogue UK cover, June 1950. "Black and white - more brilliant than colour; symbolic of a black andwhite season. Wide, round, level hat by Lilly Dache. Silk organdiecoat-dress: Larry Aldrich. Scarf by Kimball" (Vogue)   |  ≼❃≽  @kimludcom    ♥  Thanks! visit also :

Jean Patchett Photo Irving Penn in black and white hat with veil, scarf and top. VOGUE, 1950 (iconic) (Black and White) Vogue Cover - Jean Patchett, New York, 1950 Photo Irving Penn Photo Irving Penn

Vintage Vogue Cover 1945    i have this poster in my room & love it!!!!!

Vogue Magazine Reproduction Cover, Fashion Wall Art Illustration, Chic Girly Room Decor, Vogue Fashion, Vogue Collectible Book Page

c85-Vintage Vogue magazine covers - - Vogue_1964_September15-Veronica_Hammel.jpg

Vintage Vogue magazine covers: 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s

1947 Vogue Cover                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Off Estate Sale Vintage Vogue Cover Poster Print Matted to x 1947 John Rawlings Vogue Picture Fashion Art

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classy zen shot of beautiful face, closed eye, hot lips, diagonally hidden from hat's slice

Vintage Vogue magazine covers - - Vintage Vogue January 1950.jpg

Know your fashion history: Vintage Vogue magazine covers

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Noa Noa High Summer 2010 Catalogue I like the use of sticking to one theme such as the pink and using it in diffrent forms. This image also remindes me of the roaring due to the garmet the model is wearing.

Vogue Paris 1973, Chris von wangenheim

bath time - Chris Von Wangenheim vogue paris december 1973 That's the biggest bottle of Chanel N 5 I've ever seen!