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Check out these vector-based illustrations & GIFs - Digital Arts

These vector-based illustrations & GIFs are clean, crisp and pop with colour

Company: CHRLX Director: Elliot Lim Producer: Sheina Dao Editors: John Zawisha, Kevin Matuszewski CG Supervisor: Salar Saleh Lead Modeler: Hungkit Ma Modelers:…

Seton Healthcare Family - Welcome to Humancare nice papery style on vector animations

Triangular Construction 001 by Adam Plouff

Triangular Construction 001

Want to create an outstanding looping GIF? Follow this advice from illustrator Eran Mendel.

Creating seamless looping GIFs

Like if your a fan of 20 Refreshing GIF Animation Cartoons

My animation work for the music video ↓ sentimental vector / animation part who participated for "Strobe Lights" Sentimental Vector / "Strobelights" "Strobe Lights" PV production ··· directed / produced by Maxilla Inc. Music by http: / /www.sen-vec.com/ drawing: Bahi JD x Rapparu

My animation work for the music video ↓ sentimental vector / animation part who…

Little Animated Illustrations of USA | Designer: Kirk Wallace -  http://trzown.me | Via: Fubiz™

Little Animated Illustrations of USA

USA Cities - Animated GIF Illustrations of New York City, San Francisco, and Seattle by Illustrator Kirk Wallace and Motion Designer Latham Arnott.

Dessert anyone? — Steemit

Dessert anyone

animation GIF - Sweet Transformation - For more beautiful images and interesting posts, checkout DesignStack.

Alarm Clock [GIF] by Daan De Deckere

Alarm Clock [GIF]