Landscapes (Urban & Rural). Franco Fontana is an Italian photographer born in Modena, 1933. He is best known for his abstract color landscapes. Fontana's photos have been used as album cover art for records produced by the ECM jazz label. He is known as the inventor of the photographic line referred to as concept of line.

everyday_i_show: photos by Franco Fontana - Urban Landscape, Los Angeles, 1991

#architectural Venice, Los Angeles, 1990 // by Franco Fontana

Everyday_i_show: Photos By Franco Fontana (Buamai)

88 Incredible Urban Landscape Architecture Designs

88 Incredible Urban Landscape Architecture Designs

The Building Centre Presents "Rethinking the Urban Landscape",Zigong Dongxingsi. Image © Martha Schwartz Partners

Gallery of The Building Centre Presents "Rethinking the Urban Landscape" - 4

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35 Amazing Landscape Design That You Would Love to Have in Your City

urban landscape-designrulz (30)

Public Space. Urban Space.

Fantasia Mixed-Use Landscape

Fantasia Mixed-use Landscape Located in Chengdu, a central city of Midwest China, this landscape project drew its inspiration from the relaxed outdoor lifestyle of Chengdu local culture. The design gives contemporary expression of spaces for traditional

Koeber Mensa Uhlandstraße Tübingen Tübingen, Allemagne - 2008

Koeber Landscape

comfy--also keeps the skateboarders off conceptLANDSCAPE, Banco, exterior, muebles urbanos, jardin