60 tattoos from Adventure Time!  Seeing my own tattoo on Pinterest when I'm not even the one that posted it is really, really weird.

Tatuagens do desenho Hora de Aventura

Oh yeah, I got a new tattoo yesterday. If you thought that I was above getting an Adventure Time tattoo, you would be very badly mistaken.

Unhas Decoradas Hora de Aventura - Princesa Caroço

Unhas Decoradas Hora de Aventura - Princesa Caroço

Tatuagens do desenho Hora de Aventura | Tinta na Pele

Tatuagens do desenho Hora de Aventura

Adventure Time Fionna and Finn and Jake's puppy

Fionna with Cake's and Lord Monicorn's kids, Finn with Jake's and Lady…

Resultado de imagem para hora de aventura casais

rated-a-for-adventure-time: ““Little Marcie and Hambo“ by ~AdventureWoot” It could be a great picture for my baby’s room

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Collection of Adventure Time Hd Wallpaper on HDWallpapers Adventure Time Wallpaper Hd Wallpapers)

ADVENTURE TIME #25 Author(s): Ryan North Artist(s): Shelli Paroline & Braden Lamb Cover Artist(s): A: Mike Holmes B: Luke Pearson C: Vicky Barker D: Jeffery Brown E: Synopsis  Ever have a favorite item? Something that you plan to keep with you always? Something that has a history back further than you can remember? Something precious...cherished...that will continue on after you’ve left on your final adventure and keep continuing. This is the story of that gem, and how truly loved it was.

I've seen these characters before and didn't realize Luke Pearson was behind them - from Adventure Time comics. What a playful, rich universe.