Tutorial de penteado fácil com detalhe em laço. Simples e perfeito.

50 penteados para fazer sozinha e arrasar!

Want to style your short hair but you’re running out of ideas? Watch this video and get some ideas on how to look awesome with your short hair. 10 Easy Hairstyles for SHORT Hair

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This man is part of my life since I was a kid and first watched Edward Scissorhands. This is guy is a great actor, and still can play guitar amazingly.

DIY drawer organizer project ~ 48" wood laths super-cheap at Home Depot and the store will cut them for you. So simple!

Easy and Affordable- DIY DRAWER ORGANIZER

DIY drawer organizer project ~ wood laths super-cheap at Home Depot, & the s. - Home Decorations Ideas cool DIY drawer organizer project ~ wood laths super-cheap at Home Depot, & the s.

converse inspired nail idea.... Love it since converse is my choice shoe

This is lovely ! Today's Daily Nail Art is this Converse Sneaker design by suga-skull. As you can see, you can modify this style to fit any color scheme of your choosing, or go all out and make each sneaker a different color.

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100+ Perfect Winter Outfits To Stand Out From The Crowd

Aprenda como fazer unhas decoradas passo a passo com mais de 400 fotos de unhas lindas, delicadas e perfeitas! Modelos e vídeos de unhas artísticas!

Unhas Decoradas 2017 fotos de unhas delicadas e perfeitas

Can't find the right hairstyle for your hair type and length? Tired of regular old buns and braids? Desperately want to try out something new and never seen before? Don't be afraid to experiment and mix styles! These 14 creative and original ideas will help you liven up your everyday look as well as catch everyone's eye at a fancy gathering. What's best, all of them come with easy to follow step by step instructions which means you don't need to be a style expert to do them.

14 Bold & Unique Hairstyle Tutorials You Can Do At Home

Hair Bow How To: Grab an even section of hair just above your ears. Secure with a hair band, not pulling the hair through completely (creating a small half-bun). Section the bun down the middle— these will be your bows. Fluff “bow” apart wit

Unhas decoradas

Unhas decoradas passo a passo

French Manicure With Black Bows nails nail art manicure french manicure nail ideas nail designs nail pictures

Today we are welcoming to the site one of Team LC’s very favorite bloggers, Amber Fillerup of Barefoot Blonde. Amber’s braids and updos are what our hair dreams are made of. We’re so excited to have h

Hair How-To: The Double Dutch Braid Bun (Lauren Conrad)