This portraits series created by Staudinger + Franke staged men and women faces hidden in clear water. The variance of colors and elements offer an aesthetic diversity, where fishes, anemones or water vibrations blend with spread hairs.

Underwater Portraits Series

Vienna-based photography studio Staudinger + Franke's series Barrier consists of stunning portraits of women separated from the viewer by a barrier of wate

Oakley:: I had been over it really over it. I was taking a bath, more like just sitting there, I sigh and slowly go underwater. I stay there tho, I close my eyes and hold my breath. Maybe I was drowning myself....maybe I just wanted to one would ever know.....

After being given up on by every person you have ever met; you find comfort in giving up on yourself.How I feel most days!

Peixes costuma viver o momento, de acordo com o que sente, já que é totalmente dominado pelo mundo dos sentimentos e precisa levar sua vida assim, de forma intensa, apaixonada e cheia de emoção!

♥ This is absolutely beautiful ♥ Mermaid with Goldfish Balloons by MissTakArt.deviantart - I would love to have as a tattoo