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You are viewing the work of Shaira Luna, a self-taught freelance fashion and advertising photographer based in Manila, Philippines. She is booked mostly for fashion editorials, magazine covers,.

A fitted black turtleneck with wide leg black pants is an easy classic look

Black turtle neck and wide leg black trousers - definitely a staple. The gold earrings and handcuffs just elevated everything. Not crazy about the leopard purse here. She could work anywhere, even a CEO perhaps.

Inspired by retro style | Ribbed turtleneck with high waist

Los Angeles based vintage fashion boutique Stoned Immaculate Vintage is known for its curated selection of vintage pieces for your inner flower child.

"모스트" 하프 터틀넥 니트 블랙 30% 할인 MOST HALF TURTLENECK KNIT (BLACK)

[most] half turtleneck knit (black)

"모스트" 하프 터틀넥 니트 블랙 30% 할인 MOST HALF TURTLENECK KNIT (BLACK)

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Always love classics, this would take about 10 hours to make (quicker with practice though!

Fall outfit combo: Striped turtleneck sweater, Western belt, skinny jeans and ankle boots

Fall details Black Jeans, Black ankle boots, striped sweater with a turtleneck, and crossbody bag. Winter outfits, fall fashion / Cute outfits for winter.

히트텍 보더 사야지

10 Details I liked from NYFW Street Style (Blue is in Fashion this Year)