The triquetra has been found on runestones in Northern Europe and on early Germanic coins. It presumably had pagan religious meaning and it bears a resemblance to the Valknut, a symbol associated with Odin. The triquetra is often found in Insular art, most notably metal work and in illuminated manuscripts like the Book of Kells. It is also found in similar artwork on Celtic crosses and slabs from the early Christian period.

The Triquetra raylenexlam: “ The Triquetra: The Triple Moon is used in Pagan and Wiccan teachings. It represents the threefold nature of the Goddess: As maiden, mother and crone. The Triquetra.

How To Draw A Triquetra Step-by-Step Tutorial-Compass Method

How to Draw a Triquetra with 10 Steps and a Compass

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Witchy Tip -- body lotion sigil - I think I want to try this with an oil blend, maybe a blend that corresponds to the sigil?