Hop trellis

Hop trellis - Simple block wall, very nice.

Awesome Trellis

Shaped Branching Trellis by Trellis Art Designs Más

Art Deco Trellis, by K. Funk by MillerWelds.com, via Flickr

Design for possible DIY Art Deco Trellis

DIY Garden Trellis {My Mother’s Day Gift}

DIY Garden Trellis out of pressure treated wood and cattle fencing - top yard, fireplace area & sides.

Trellis Idea

Cantilevered Trellis using over sized Redwood timbers - to replace the rickety trellises along our garage for the grapes & kiwi! Use along fence for climbing vines. Maybe in front of garage or front living room window- would have to check with hoa

Jasmine vines trellis

Jasmine vines trellis Hiding an ugly wood fence.

diy trellis

Urban beekeeping: the latest big environmental movement

I want to make this.

Circle trellis - minus the ship, I love the overlapping rings.

30+ Garden Projects using Sticks & Twigs

Garden Projects using Sticks & Twig

Build a trellis as an outdoor architectural element that becomes more beautiful when intertwined with climbing plants. -- Lowe's Creative Ideas

Freestanding Trellis Brought to you by Lowes Creative Ideas Build a trellis that looks great as an outdoor architectural element -- and becomes even more beautiful when intertwined with climbing plants.

DIY Wood Lattice Trellis .

20+ Awesome DIY Garden Trellis Projects

Love the corner trellis and planter box trellis/privacy screen

Checkout 19 best pergola plants for your garden. These climbing plants for pergolas and arbors can also be grown in small gardens easily

19 Best Climbing Plants for Pergolas and Trellises

best climbers for a pergola or trellis plants for growing upp tre house supports

Hanging a trellis with hinge and latch.  Makes the back accessible for cleaning or painting the house/wall behind the trellis.  Very clever.

In Garden Gate issue I shared a design for a beautiful trellis that you can make in a weekend. And in “Trellis Toppers” I show you three options to personalize it with a pediment, or decoration at the top.

Inspired Design

Trellis effect with ivy. This looks like wire, run through eye hooks at the junctions, with already mature vines growing up the wires.

How to: inexpensive garden trellis | The New Home Economics

How to: inexpensive garden trellis

How to: inexpensive garden trellis The New Home Economics


Black decorative iron trellis or lattice trellis painted the same color as your trim.