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I am often asked if I use special pens to make the words on my Bible pages look the way they do. While there are special pens and markers to allow you to achieve the same look, I usually don’t use t (Beauty Design Script Fonts)

Paroles_La ferme de Mathurin

Wonder if I can teach Mileena the words to her favorite song. in French.

Expand your French vocabulary by learning the words related to human behavior + download the list in PDF format for free! Get it here: https://www.talkinfrench.com/vocab-human-behavior/

French vocabulary list: Le comportement humain (Human behavior)

Most competitors take only one angle with their learning approach. Where the Rocket Express Learning System® is different is that we don’t force a square peg into a round hole, we have specifically provided for a variety of learning styles.

"Liberté" / " Sur toutes les pages lues Sur toutes les pages blanches... J'écris ton nom." ( Paul Eluard )

33 logos créatifs qui ont tous un sens caché

This logotype illustrates freedom literally by having the op half of the M fly off like a bird. The logotype uses the comparison of birds and freedom as a message. This logotype is effective in communicating meaning.