The Lunar Chronicles Bookmark by littleschemer on DeviantArt

My entry for the Lunar Chronicles bookmark contest It's double-sided with Winter on the front and Cinder on the back. The Lunar Chronicles Bookmark

Lunar Chronicles Characters: Linh Cinder, Kai, Iko, Scarlet Benoit, Ze'ev Kesley, Carswell Thorne, Cress Darnel, Jacin Clay, Winter Hayle Blackburn || The Lunar Chronicles (Instagram:@weare_lunars)

Typical YA book - would be a good movie series! very clever take on fairy tales

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Image result for the lunar chronicles cinder

Not really. It's more like, "we are going to steal the earth!!"

The crescent moon actually>>>So does that mean That the Rampion crew are minions and Cinder is Gru.

The Lunar Chronicles! The teeny bunny is Cress!

The littlest bunny is cress>>>Yes! And the one snuggled up right beside "Cress" is Thorne.

All the Lunar Chronicles characters first words

I kinda feel like this sorta establishes their personalities