The kane chronicles

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Kane Chronicles by twinkletoez123
The Kane Chronicles! LOVE it!
egyptian gods and goddesses anime | Egyptian Gods - The Kane Chronicles-- so I didn't draw these but I love the Kane Chronicles..... so yeah.

Egyptian Gods

Anubis da Crônicas dos Kane é idêntico ao Nico Di Ângelo de Heróis do Olimpo
Hey! You just realized... Freak is the only character who Uncle Ricks official art DIDNT screw up!


Kane chronicles - simple logic. Please this is my life's motto. Don't go to Erudite, Tris. *does it* Don't go after Jace, Clary *does it* Don't go for the backpack, Katniss *does it* Don't spend time near Patch, Nora *goes to a motel with him* Basically every instinct and shreds of former knowledge I have tells me this is exactly what I should do in most situations.