The Crow Ring in 14K  White or Yellow Gold and Diamond by RioFire, $299.00

The Crow movie ring; This is an absolutely stunning ring similar to Shelly Websters engagement ring used in the cult classic movie

Nothing is trivial.. Ever. And never let yourself think it is. One day it may just be all you have. Those once oh do trivial memories.. And you know what? They're not so trivial any more.. So Don't make the mistake of thinking they are, in the first place, thinking you'll have a million more of them, because that isn't promised. You never know when that world will end.

This is one of my favourite quotes from any movie. And one of my favourite inspirational quotes to boot. - "The Crow"

The Crow by Hristov13 on deviantART

If I ever had to do a Crow cover it would be something like that. Some painting using Art Rage and polished in Photoshop,took me like 7 hours. The Crow

Ok, I know this is photoshopped, but you have to ❤ the idea of it.  And the interesting horn things the crow  sports in the final frame...

A crow riding an eagle