Old Street in Aleppo, Syria

Old Street in Aleppo, Syria. Syria was invaded by Napoleon at the end of his Egyptian Campaign in

Old damascus, Syria

Narrow winding alley´s in the ancient city of Damascus, Syria

Ellen and the liberals have their heads up their asses.

Ellen and the libtards have their heads up their asses. Even NObama being ELECTED, was a major scandal.

Syria's heritage in ruins : before-and-after pictures / Martin Chulov + The Guardian | #syria

Syria's heritage in ruins: before-and-after pictures

The Old Souk, Aleppo. Above in 2007 and below in Photographs: Corbis, Stanley Greene/Noor/Eyevine

The Magnificent “Dead Cities” of Ancient Syria

The Magnificent "Dead Cities" of Ancient Syria

The Dead Cities, called Ancient Villages of Northern Syria by UNESCO, are a collection of Byzantine towns of architectural significance in the Al-Bara region.