#10 <3 The raw power of the bolt rocked the cliff top. The intense heat caused the vehicles to explode. The thugs closest to Eternity were totally incinerated. Another bolt flashed from the darkened clouds, spiraling a path to Eternity's spine. Without hesitation, Eternity released the searing, raw power. The electrical fire blazed a path of golden death as it ripped through the remaining men. The smell of charred flesh filled the air. <3

These words show how His dominance is often more subtle than the word itself implies. It doesn't take posturing to find the key to a girls total submission, in fact it is the subtle dominance that controls her more completely.


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Yes please!- coolsexyvibes

Drag me to the dark side and show me what my body was made for.

Loving her is no effort, showing her is easy, trying to make her happy is all I want to do. Trying to get time with her is work but I'll do whatever to spend mins with her.

She is a soul on fire

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I´m a 35 year old dominant, sadistic gentleman from Sweden. This is were i´ll show you the darker side of me, the Mr Hyde side.

I am home when your arms are wrapped around me. I know you will always have my back.

*endless tears* Nothing feels like home until your arms are around me. The only true happiness I feel is with you. My love, You Are My Safe Place

Marriage is Commitment for LIFE.

You are so strong and you could very easily hurt me but you would never dare to, you're rough yet at the same time you love me so gently Vonte.

Rking31- talk hard- n n notthern3331 I know you want to be a dom  to your mistress Andrea Russell

I am dominant. In the bed you belong to me and will obey me. But you will be mine. And you will call me master, sir, or daddy.