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A True Dom has a firm hand, mind, gaze, grip, and a soft heart.

"I Aim to Misbehave" from Firefly 9-inch Sticker

I Aim to Misbehave from Firefly Sticker for MacBooks and Apple Devices

Who likes Firefly? Of course you do, because you're a kind soul who also loves long walks on the beach and cowboy/sci-fi mashups. And Nathan Fillion, becau

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For those that do not feel drawn to BDSM, D/s, or other forms of power exchange, and are more comfortable with vanilla relationships, it is next to impossible to understand the profound connection that is forged from the level of trust that exists in.

Marriage is Commitment for LIFE.

Yes. You are so strong and you could very easily hurt me but you would never dare to, you're rough yet at the same time you love me so gently Vonte. Lol the reason I think of us as beauty and the beast

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It may come to you as no surprise that I am a cat person. I LOVE cats, big and small. So today, for this installment of the A to Z Challenge, the Ladies I Love are Lionesses. Lions as a species …

I am home when your arms are wrapped around me. I know you will always have my back.

*endless tears* Nothing feels like home until your arms are around me. The only true happiness I feel is with you. My love, You Are My Safe Place


Batman #10 variant (2016)

Batman now has his team, but are they ready for the most dangerous mission of their lives?