major props to these people. practically risking their lives. what every cheerleader has to put him/herself out to do, no matter what could happen.

LOVE this stunt! Cheer cheerleading coed beach two high sport awesome strength all star college Swedish falls split pyramid shoulder stands competition competitive

So cool!!!! #cheer

so cool, cheerleading, cheer, cheerleader Moved from Kythoni's Cheerleading: In the Air -- This is way cool!

@xoxo_avamazz and her JuST Cheer fam. stunting at Reach the Beach nationals.  Couldn't have timed it better!  JuST love this! ⚫⚪

Stunting at sunset cheerleading photo opp. Ava Mazz and her JuST Cheer fam stunting at Reach the Beach Nationals.

Cheer Stunt. You lift weights? Haha. That's cute.:P We lift people.

Football players say "well I lift weights" and I go "umm, well cheerleaders lift people😏