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I invented a game where people get so stoned they can barely walk and chase each other around the yard. It's called...wait for it... ...Hash Tag.

Marijuana is sure easy to make hilarious memes about. Hash tag is probably the best game I heard all week.

Wanna hear a joke bro?

Wanna hear a joke bro?

ISMOKE Top 5 Cannabis Memes 01

ISMOKE Top 5 Cannabis Memes 01

Baked. ..like an apple pie★  This made me lololol

I’m happy today…

Funny pictures about I'm happy today. Oh, and cool pics about I'm happy today. Also, I'm happy today.


You can always eat more, but you can never eat less. Alway good to know your limits otherwise.

if you were a potato youd be a sweet potato if i was a pota - 10 Guy

If you were a potato you'd be a sweet potato If I was a potato I'd be a baked potato 10 Guy