Naomie Harris and Daniel Craig (Skyfall - 2012)

007’s Skyfall Stunts Give French Math Whizzes License to Thrill

Naomie Harris as Eve Moneypenny and Daniel Craig as agent 007 in the James Bond movie Skyfall.

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Skyfall Poster

An alternative movie poster for the film Skyfall, created by Jason Stanley, featured on AMP

Action / Adventure Movies  ..  Skyfall

'Skyfall' starring Daniel Craig as James Bond and Albert Finney as Kincade. :) I love that they snuck this funny scene into the movie.

Nice screen printing effect poster, with flat colours really showing the detail…

Skyfall (2012)

Skyfall marked 50 years of James Bond movies & it was the highest grossing James Bond movie from the whole series.

'Skyfall' (Sam Mendes, 2012) Cinematography by Roger Deakins

Color Grade - Skyfall (Sam Mendes, Cinematography by Roger Deakins

Daniel Craig in Skyfall......

19 Reasons to Love Daniel Craig (3 of Them Are Shirtless)