Series One (Simon Birch)

Paintings 2012 by Simon Birch, via Behance

simon birch                                                       …

Sketches and Paintings by Simon Birch

Hifas Drawings by Simon Birch

Simon Birch fantastic artist based in Hong Kong

Simon Birch fantastic artist based in Hong Kong

Simon Birch, ‘At The Brink of Death’ from the This Brutal House series

Amazing portraits by Simon Birch

Paintings - 2010 by Simon Birch, via Behance

Paintings - 2010 by Simon Birch

Simon Birch Référence proposée par Barbara Verhaeghe, thérapeute spécialisée dans l'accompagnement des personnes souffrant de boulimie, hyperphagie, anorexie, orthorexie, phobie alimentaire.

Yoga-Inspired Sculptures

Simon Birch – Freakshow Project on Behance

Simon Birch  Freakshow project.  2007-2008

Freakshow Project - Gordian Simon Birch stockings, ballons, water by SPEETway

Paintings by Simon Birch

Never met a chick that was too thick for me Simon Birch oil on canvas

Simon Birch; Pencil drawing 2012

untitled Drawing by Simon Birch

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Such beautiful movement created by Simon Birch

Simon Birch working with movement

unknowneditors:    Simon Birch

Paintings - 2009 by Simon Birch, via Behance

painting by Simon Birch

A full time artist, Simon Birch is a young Hong Kong artist who’s made a huge impact with his energy and vision in the last few years. Apart from his critically acclaimed, dramatic paintings, he’s.

Saatchi Online Artist Simon Birch; Painting, "Spinal Mount Starcracker" #art

Painting, "Spinal Mount Starcracker" wow this is beautiful

Paintings by Simon Birch

Hong Kong-based British artist Simon Birch creates beautifully expressive full-body portraits of people in motion. His smeared paintings capture the energe

This piece, by Simon Birch, captures raw anger with the use of intense shades of red, contrasting with the innocence of whiter shades featured. The blurred figure suggests rage, fitting in perfectly with the angry red mentioned earlier, as well as signalling movement.

Painter Simon Birch’s Depictions Of Youthful Angst

Simon Birch - "Untitled", painting, oil on canvas, 2008.

Simon Birch Paintings - 2008 on Behance