Schrödinger's cat...only know what this is because of the Big Bang Theory! Haha

Get this Big Bang Theory Schrodinger’s Cat t-shirt as a humorous tribute to Sheldon's explanation to Penny about the possible outcomes of going on a date with Leonard.

Schrodinger's Cat Wanted Poster Art Print by TheFineLineEmporium

One of a series of prints inspired by the wonders of science and nature. This print features the paradoxically challenged Schrodingers Cat

Sad thing is I only know about Schrodingers cat because of The Big Bang Theory.

Funny pictures about Schrödinger's cat is. Oh, and cool pics about Schrödinger's cat is. Also, Schrödinger's cat is.

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Maybe I'll Get Him, Maybe I Won't

Maybe I’ll Get Him, Maybe I Won’t

Erwin Schrödinger cat in a box delivery service. We delivery just Evil! "Level of Evil! and damage it may do when you opening the box is in no way affiliated with Erwin Schrödinger cat in a box delivery service"

15 nerdy science jokes...yesss @Wesley Archambault Piper Johnson

15 nerdy science jokes.

Funny pictures about Nerdy Science Jokes. Oh, and cool pics about Nerdy Science Jokes. Also, Nerdy Science Jokes.

LOL thanks Quantum Chem, I get to laugh at this because I get it now....

"Schrodinger's cat" (I'll be honest, I only know about it because of Big Bang Theory.

Schrodinger's cat  meets string theory

Schrodinger's cat meets string theory

Schrodinger's cat is in a box in a situation where it's both dead and alive, yet…

Here's How Schrodinger's Cat Works

Understand the Schrodinger's cat thought experiment and how it describes the problems with extending quantum physics into the macroscopic realm.