J.W. Killam Family Tree     Year two~ Each student traced his/her hand and selected one color to decorate the hand with symbols that repre...

collaborative mural on side of the lower pod with all the students hands. trunk and swirls black

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I would do this but with the eyeballs closed and a few more sun rays and shading.

Silhouette Mural: Could get some kids to stand for it. They don't have to be doing music things but could all be doing something different. Plus could have Ms. Faith on there too

Our Silhouette Mural is Finished! (Art is Basic)

Our silhouette mural is finished! It went pretty quickly once we got started. Each of the figures represents different subject areas at school.

TPcraft.com: Why Your School Needs A Buddy Bench {as seen on Jacksonville Moms Blog}

A Buddy Bench isn’t your typical recess fixture. Many schools are installing Buddy Benches to help kids foster friendship and combat bullying.

Caleb Fernandez walks past a mural on the first day of school at Thurgood Marshall Elementary on Aug. 26 in Houston.

We have been making wall padding for high school for ages and one thing we have learned is how to renovate your school without costing a fortune.

Na minha escola...: Painel para Sala de Aula

Na minha escola...: Painel para Sala de Aula

Draftophilamaniacal Neoretrography: murals - library---could use this as decor for arts night. in hallways.

Draftophilamaniacal Neoretrography: Murals "big" in Bulgaria, apparently Front board area

En utilisant une mosaïque créée par le groupe, ajouter de la peinture acrylique blanche pour créer un symbole d'unité.

Grade: Kids project, 500 drawings, 1 montage - via The Art Center - for Cranberry Community Days; Collaborative Project by Hercio Dias