Weird Sea Creatures Hatchetfish

7 (More!) Weird Wonders of the Marine Animal World

wondering what God was thinking when He made this... (God did not make this ... we did)

wondering what God was thinking when He made this.God works in mysterious ways! What a wonderful God!

That Is Some Scary Stuff~~~I'm sure these guys are deep enough I would never see them but I'll never know cause I'll never go in the ocean again!!!!!  Been in 2 of them and that's enough!

The Ocean Is Scary

The Pacific blackdragon is a deep sea fish, that can be found up to depths of up to 3,300 ft. Female blackdragons are about two feet long and have fang like teeth and a long chin whisker. They are black on the outside, as well as on the inside to prevent light from swallowed bio-luminescent prey shining out.  From Funny Little World

Underwater Photography: Pacific Black Dragonfish, Monterey Bay, California

How did an underwater photographer get this photo of a Pacific black dragonfish (Idiacanthus antrostomus)? He was part of a project documenting deep-sea animals found in Monterey Bay, California.

Strange creatures of the sea… Well these are where my nightmares will be coming from for the next while. Why do these exist!

Strange creatures of the sea…

Deep-sea fish:Strange creatures of the sea… >>> imagine your just diving down there, and you turn around and then BAM! Hatchet fish in your face!

Deadly Fish | one of the most dangerous freshwater fish is now considered goliath ...

This fearsome beast is the Goliath tigerfish, or Hydrocynus goliath. It makes its home in the Congo River basin in Central Africa and is the largest member of its genus, known to reach 5 feet long and weigh around

sidetongue: “His tail is like that scary fish from nemo ”

sidetongue: “His tail is like that scary fish from nemo ”

/Bioluminescent communication. Communication by the production of light occurs commonly in vertebrates and invertebrates in the oceans, particularly at depths (e.g. angler fish). Two well known forms of land bioluminescence are fireflies and glow worms. Other insects, insect larvae, annelids, arachnids and even species of fungi possess bioluminescent abilities. Some bioluminescent animals produce the light themselves whereas others have a symbiotic relationship with bioluminescent bacteria.

Sri Lanka Bay Owl (Phodilus assimilis) is a species of bay owl in the Tytonidae family. It is endemic to the island of Sri Lanka. It is sometimes considered a subspecies of the Oriental Bay Owl.