Bellamy Young, Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn #EWTGIT

10 Stunning Portraits from EW’s Shondaland Shoot

How to dress like Olivia Pope - can I just have her coat and jacket collection please? lol

How to Dress Like Olivia Pope

Kerry Washington, who plays Olivia Pope on the ABC show “Scandal” steals every scene with her elegant yet classic style. Here’s how you can steal Olivia Pope’s style: How to dress like Olivia Pope [Infographic] by the team at kerry-washingtonfan.

Best. Scene. Ever. #Olitz #Scandal I've watched this clip over and over!

Olivia and Fitz. This is one of the most romantically sad and passionate scenes I Have ever seen.

Scott Foley : one of People's sexiest man of 2013 [Video]

Scott Foley: Scandal Is My Sexiest Role Yet

The news feed "Scott Foley: Scandal Is My Sexiest Role Yet" has been viewed 525 times.

The music that plays when something big happens between Fitz and Olivia... Augh!!! ♡♡♡ Best show ever

Scandal, Fitz, Olivia pope- *sigh* what girl wouldnt swoon hearing that.

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Embracing The Journey • kerrygoldwyn:   From KatrinaBill on Twitter   ...

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