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I guess this woman is insecure! Sense it says it on her face? Or other dark reason of the back story!

sometimes the people who are so broken, that they get jealous because you are whole.

Illustrations by Alexandria Lomuntad

I honestly don’t know why I’m so flat out with how I feel, like normally people with depression cry when they talk about shit like this. But nope I’m wayyy different.

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I am hurt. I am crying. No matter how many times I told you, you just went up and left me. And no one can stop my breaking heart. >>> I love seeing pictures of anime girls crying their hearts out. It satisfy me for some reason.

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awesome Lying under the moonlight . [My Pin-friend Mi Smith found this lovely pi.

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Be like snow, beautiful but cold. You can be cold and still be beautiful. I try my hardest to be nice but I do have a rude/cold side when I'm pushed.