Period: 18th Century - Sack dress Material: Embroidered thai silk, dyed lace, decorative flowers, the marschallin!!

Period: Century - Sack dress Material: Embroidered thai silk, dyed lace, decorative flowers, the marschallin!

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Feed sack dress (This look is much nicer than the garbage on the racks in Department stores these days. Designers.....get with the program! Stop patting yourselves on the back for the "Ultimate Ugly" look! --bw)

This young girl wears a feed sack dress, which many women made and wore during the depression. When the feed companies realized this, they started printing floral prints on the feed sacks!

Project Runway burlap sack dress. I love the bottom of this dress!

Project Runway Contestants Tackle Burlap

The Amazing History of Flour Sack Dresses (15 Photos)

Rare color photos: Kids in the Sept. 1940 Jack Whinery and his family, homesteaders, Pie Town, New Mexico.

After flour companies realized women were using their cotton bags to make dresses for their daughters, they started adding colorful inks and patterns!  1939

Kansas Wheat The company learned women were using the sacks to make clothes for their children, so the mill did something kind and decent: they started using floral fabric so the children would have prettier clothes (their logo/label would wash out).

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Long Sleeve Knitted A-line Midi Dress

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Chicken Feed Sack Dresses | ... chicken feed sack. Most of our dresses are made from feed sacks too

I wanted to save some of my mother's memories of wearing feedsack dresses back in the Feedsack fabric was turned into quilts, curtains and other useful items. It's popular with collectors now.

Little Homestead in Boise: Flour Sack Dresses & Aprons, Rural Life ...

Flour Sack Dresses & Aprons- I've been reading up on more vintage style aprons. I knew that old flour sacks were saved before and after.