This will be our tink skirts...but I think the hem edge will be more of a zig zag pattern. diy sparkle running skirt

Lyons Lyons Paul Runs for Cookies: Sparkle Running Skirt Tutorial. The waistband inside the fabric. A little easier than the other one.

Measure, Cut, Ruffle, Sew! DIY Running Skirt :)

Running Skirt: DIY Style

Instructions: Visual instructions for a DIY Running Skirt from Daisy Francesca - Measure, Cut, Ruffle, Sew! (and sew some more)

Kiava Clothing Running Skirt

Kiava Clothing Running Skirt ♥ my Kiava skirt for running-just like a tennis skirt.

How cu-ute is this striped #running skirt from @Lululemon?! RUN:Pacesetter Skirt $58

Break long-held records (and some hearts) in this made-to-move skirt. Pacesetter skirt by Lululemon.

Running skirt with open side panels to keep you cool in the summer.

Trail Skirt ~ Paisley

This skirt is made for optimal movement. Lightweight and flattering running skirt with pockets and longer undershorts to prevent thigh chafe.