La Première Guerre Mondiale : l'Abbaye de Chiry-Ourscamp | Oise Tourisme - Jean-Pierre Gilson

Ruins of the Abbey of Notre Dame (Oise), Chiry-Ourscamp, France, century Celtic noviomagus france now Oise France

Abbaye de Jumièges, Seine Maritime                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Jumièges Abbey in Haute-Normandie, France. Richard Fitz Gilbert and his wife, Rohese De Giffard, made a gift to Jumièges Abbey in 1066 mentions the souls of their children. They are Mike's great-grandparents.

Netley Abbey ruins, Southampton, England

Netley Abbey, Southampton, UK interior view of the abbey, founded early century as a house for monks of the austere Cistercian order.

Ancient ruins (maybe have some scattered around edge of surface, also a possible style reference.

Maybe over time, and after many rains, a stream was rerouted through the old temple ruins. It would probably be where the Impions would get their drinking water from to. It would be pretty convenient since they live in the ruins.

Nécropole lycienne de Myre - Anatolie (Turquie)

The Amazing Rock-Cut Tombs of Myra's Lycian Necropolis

Myra, Turkey - The ancient town of Myra in the Lycia region of Anatolia, modern day Turkey, boasts a number of breathtaking ruins including the Acropolis on the Demre-plateau, the Roman theatre and Roman baths.

Urbex Session : Paper Mill Revisit (DE)

Paper Mill - 15 This is a steam boiler. The top right at the stair end is the steam drum. The pipes coming down are the superheater tubes. Steam leaves the steam drum and then re-enters the furnace to be further heated.

Ruins of Madame Sherri's country castle.  She was a costume designer for the Ziegfeld Follies at one time.  More about Madame Sherri:  Photo by Andy Chase.

Remains - Madame Sherri’s Castle -Chesterfield, New Hampshire. Building began in 1930 and within a few short years the castle lay abandoned until it burned in

Forest ruins, Karkonosze Mountains, Poland. Looks intriguing, doesn't it? Re-pinned by #Europass

Early medieval ruins in the mountain forests of Poland. European old growth forest lends mystery to any scene, especially one so ancient.