fir, falling in reverse, and ronnie radke image
ronnie radke and falling in reverse image
falling in reverse and ronnie radke image
Ronnie Radke lead singer of Falling in reverse! I love him! Sweet tattoos.
Really wanting to know what kind of shoes Ronnie wears. i really want a pair!


This would be a never ending cycle because i'd be confused EVERY TIME someone gave me a dollar and every time i get confused I would receive a dollar... it never stops!!!!
Ronnie radke…wait is he on top of…andy biersack... yes he is... and planking at the same time... holy shiz
Andy Biersack and Ronnie Radke
*raises hand* RONNIE! OVER HERE!
Ronnie Radke c:
This is why I admire Ronnie Radke. He is truly a hero and a inspiration. He inspires me to believe I can do anything no matter how bad. He inspires me to keep writing music and I repay him by listening and enjoying his music. Thank you so much Ronnie! I love you so much!!❤️❤️❤️
Ronnie Radke Falling in Reverse | Falling-in-Reverse-Ronnie-Radke.jpg
falling in reverse, ronnie radke, and ronnie image
But honestly im just like you!!! Lol XD #RonnieRadkefangirl lol #FallingInReverse falling in reverse is my fav band! And i love ronnie radke!!