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I have literally, THOUSANDS of hours of experience bending and welding. I have the scars and strong hands to prove it

Shows & places - "Dancer"  Rolling Ball Sculpture - Stephen Jendro

Shows & places - "Dancer" Rolling Ball Sculpture - Stephen Jendro

Tillander by Tom Harold: This fabulous piece was created specially for clients who wanted not only unique art for their home, but a place to hang their air plants. The terrariums are fully removable for easy cleaning and maintenance. The sculpture features two tracks, a tipper-style track switch, two coils, a spiral, an inversion, two vertical drops and plenty of curves and waves for spectacular kinetic effect. Marbles are 1". Material is stainless Steel ~ 2'6" x 2' x 10".

Tillander by Tom Harold: This fabulous piece was created specially for clients…

Wave Rider rolling ball sculpture with curved chain lift

A nice look at the curved chain lift of Wave Rider at Temecula Pediatric Dentistry.

Rolling Ball Sculpture by Jeffery Zachmann #159

Rolling Ball Sculpture by Jeffery Zachmann #159

View this item and discover similar sculptures for sale at - This is a mesmerizing sculpture.visually interesting and hypnotic to watch.

Rolling Ball Sculpture "Sphere" cn:066 - YouTube

Rolling Ball Sculpture - Kinetic rolling ball sculptures designed and created by David Morrell

"Cheborgie #2" (80x36x37) by sculptor Bruce Gray is a kinetic art musical sculpture inspired by the contraptions of Rube Goldberg and the game Mousetrap. It has a steel ball that starts at the top, and by gravity follows a rollercoaster track, does a loop, switches directions, goes through three chimes, around a spiral, and through a spring tunnel. This unique sculpture is currently available at $6000. You can commission a ball machine that plays part of a song or corporate jingle! Two of…

Rolling Ball Sculptures by kinetic sculptor artist Bruce Gray inspired by Rube Goldberg machines

Rolling Ball Sculpture - I have wanted one of these for as long as I can remember.

Interactive rolling ball sculptures are a fantastic way to have fun with your sculpture.

This is the Disk Lift, one of the Ball-Lifting Mechanisms used in Rolling Ball Sculptures. Details and videos of this and other lifts can be found in the Complex Lifting Mechanisms page of

Complex lifting mechanisms are made up of unique and mechanically creative devices designed to move the balls in imaginative ways. The goals are to be visually appealing and mechanically.