Sexy Robot A Bing Light Up Robot Costume

Sexy Robot A Bing Light Up Robot Costume

Filth Wizardry: Gift bag robot costumes

I know we did robot costumes before, but, well, my kids want to be fracking toasters, what can I say? (apologies to non Battlestar Galactica.

This guide is about making a robot costume. When making this costume, it's important to make sure the masquerader can see well.

Making a Robot Costume

The body and head are made from cardboard boxes then wrapped with art paper to make the silver chrome paint more metallic.

DIY Space Robot Costume..Just too cute...Never know when you need one to study

DIY Space Robot Costume

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Robot Costumes

The robot Halloween costume. It's classic, right? It's one of those costumes you can make at the last minute, and still look great — some cardboard boxes and whatever random junk glued on as knobs,.