Robert Longo – “Men in the Cities” series (1979)

Men in the Cities, by Robert Longo (1979)

Robert Longo | "Men in the Cities" series

designcloud: “ Robert Longo UNTITLED 1981 Charcoal, graphite, and dye on paper 96 x 60 x cm From Men in the Cities, 1979 (Installation view) ”

Robert Longo. The last family I nannied for had a giant longo drawing in their house. Luckily I will always see these and think of their love

ROBERT LONGO Frozen in ice … buffeted by the forces of modern urban entropy … brawling … or just dancing?) Robert Longo’s Men in the Cities drawings, which were.

Robert Longo | "Men in the Cities" series

(Wo)Men in the Cities

ROBERT LONGO - Untitled 1982 Charcoal, graphite, oil and ink on paper 96 x 48 x cm Collection Victoria and Albert Killeen Atlanta, GA

Charcoal Drawings By Robert Longo

Robert Longo is an American painter and sculptor whose primary medium of expression is charcoal on paper. Longo became famous in the .