Reply 1997 is one of those dramas that make you nostalgic, even if you were 1 year old when this 'happened.'  Well den.

XD I loved this drama soo much! Seo In Guk and Eunji in Reply 1997

Oh my gosh...I seriously love these two. XD Answer Me 1997

This is the reason why i love him and her. My male and female alltime crush "Seo In Guk and Eunjii" Reply Me 1997

Answer MeReply 1997 (I cried on these scenes, not going to lie) Come visit for the largest discount fashion store in the world!!

You know a scene is well written and acted when you feel more the second time through than the first.

Reply 1997 quotes (Ep7)

Can You Name the K-Pop Music Video from a Single Screencap?

'Nabrut ve Yaşam : Reply 1997 Answer to 1997 Kore dizisi

'Nabrut ve Yaşam : Reply 1997 Answer to 1997 Kore dizisi

Lee Ho-won 이호원 (Hoya 호야) from INFINITE 인피니트 and Reply 응답하라 1997

☆The Darkest Nights Produces The Brightest Stars ☆