With corrections made by those of each faith below, so that we all might learn to understand and accept each other better. Please feel free to leave a comment about a misconception or misunderstanding about your beliefs.

Where Are You on This Infographic?

Identify which religion aligns most with your current beliefs through this interactive flowchart.

Similarities Between Religions | ... picture to see a chart to compare the major religions of the world

This chart compares all world religions in a very concise and easy to read way. The information given for each religion is uniform. I would use this as a grade-level text in a grade classroom.

The Religious Golden Rule - Hello, Islam?  I think you need to remind some of your adherents of the rules.  We all need to realize that living life in balance and kindness is a work of art, approached with humility, and more precious than any riches.

The Religion Golden Rule

Funny pictures about The Religion Golden Rule. Oh, and cool pics about The Religion Golden Rule. Also, The Religion Golden Rule photos.

judiasm christianity islam comparision. Idrk how accurate this is but its interesting.

Judaism vs Christianity vs Islam

In other words... YOU DO YOU, accept that everyone is different, love them anyway. SIMPLE!

This image depicts the Dali Lama a prominent religious leader within the Buddhist religion. The Dali lama is an important figure that can influence religious devotees in a positive manner.

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41 Sentence Quotes That Will Leave You Speechless