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My cousin has taken recycling to a whole new fashion level! She has saved every can tab, and collected a few from friends, and has created art, fashionable art.

Cupcake Wrapper Dress. by a.has, via Flickr -- It's not very practical but with the Edwardian Steam Punk ball arrivng in Los Angeles on Valentines Day 2015 I thought this could be a fun addition...maybe

An amazing cupcake wrapper dress which is stunning and is making me have a slight crave for a cheeky cupcake or two. The pastel colour palette is beautiful and is so pretty to look at and reminds me of something a Disney princess would wear.

bottle caps, buttons, beads, and can tabs - Repurposed Fashion | Trashion | Refashion | Upcycled Fashion

Recycled Dress made from bottle tops, drink can rings and disposable plastic spoons - sustainable fashion design PD

Made of keyboard keys-Check out for more recycling ideas!

22 Creative Things People Did With Keyboard Keycaps

keyboard tuxedo for geeks. no idea where or why I'd ever wear something like this, or even if it wouldn't be the most uncomfortable thing in the world, but dangit this is cool looking!

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Dress made of cards! Incredible ‘dresses’ from reclaimed materials -poker chips & playing cards

Fantastic Halloween costume. A combination of caution strips with leopard print duct (Duck) tape??

Recycled Clothing Plastic Bag Prom Dress by Casey Hansel, who is only 18 years old and a freshman at Lehigh University. She has made dresses, shoes and purses out of caution tape, newspaper and.

Upcycled Fashion - sculptural necklace made from metal hooks from clothes hangers - sustainable art jewellery; recycled fashion

Hanging Hook Necklaces

Hanging Hook Necklaces - The Clothes Hanger Necklace Made From Recycled Metal Hooks

Florence Jaquet, Artist: Neck Collar, 2011, made of tea tags and cotton thread.

sexy-people-drinking-tea: “ Damn, somebody had my idea before me :( Still beautiful! “Tea Shirt Necklace - Florence Jacquet “Made of thousands of tea tags that I collected when having a cup of.

Liangchao Shao - experiment - bracelet - straw (BIAD)

Recycled Fashion - sculptural cuff bangle made from plastic straws; I want to see the entire straw outfit!

Recycled Dress Ideas | Check out these creative ways to recycle:          -- looks like something Effie Trinket would wear...---

10 Creative Ways to Recycle Newspaper

Fashion and Art Trend: Recycled Fashion: Beautiful Dresses made out of Newspaper << And since you can only wear them once. you throw them out.

(Styrofoam cup dress (Ecofashion_Weekend_02_thumb)

Prom Dresses!

Recycled materials fashion show. Paper cup dress This paper cups were used on this dress as recycled material . This represents how materials that are recyclable can be incorporated into fashion.