An amazing cupcake wrapper dress which is stunning and is making me have a slight crave for a cheeky cupcake or two. The pastel colour palette is beautiful and is so pretty to look at and reminds me of something a Disney princess would wear.

casino night

Dress made of cards! Incredible ‘dresses’ from reclaimed materials -poker chips & playing cards

Recycled Fashion

Recycled Dress made from bottle tops, drink can rings and disposable plastic spoons - sustainable fashion design PD

paper 2

Eco Fashion Weekend in Cracow

Recycled materials fashion show. Paper cup dress This paper cups were used on this dress as recycled material . This represents how materials that are recyclable can be incorporated into fashion.

Florence Jaquet, 2011

sexy-people-drinking-tea: “ Damn, somebody had my idea before me :( Still beautiful! “Tea Shirt Necklace - Florence Jacquet “Made of thousands of tea tags that I collected when having a cup of.