Raquel Welch
...Raquel Welch.  She is still just as gorgeous today as she was back then.  Can you believe she is 73?  I don't know if it's plastic surgery or if she has some awesome genes but can I have some of that serum please!!!
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Hannie Caulder: One of the many pestiferous movies that Raquel Welch's beautiful and sexy presence couldn't save.
Raquel Welch One Million Years B.C.
Raquel Welch. Looking good at 73. Wow!!

Raquel Welch Still Has Plenty Of Va-Va-Voom At 73

Raquel Welch Roller Girl via Miss Moss - when I was little I wanted to grow up an be a roller derby girl just like her... true

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Raquel Welch (born Jo Raquel Tejada; September 5, 1940) is an American actress and sex symbol.