quiet critters

Kids made these, super cute! We used felt flowers from Kmart for the feet. Quiet Critters They live in a soundproof jar & only come out when it's quiet. Loud noises hurt their ears, but whispering is ok.

Quiet Critters Jar Label [FREEBIE]

Use this Quiet Critters Label to place on the outside of a bucket or jar. Make your own homemade critters with pom poms, googly eyes, foam, and wire! This is a great classroom management tool that your students will love too!

Quiet Critters! A great classroom management tool. A great way to keep students quiet at their seats :)

Class Pet: Quiet Critters want to sit on your desk, see what you're doing, and get smarter. (Could remove them from the chatty students; those who still have their "critter" at the end of the "quiet" time could turn it in for a small reward.

'Quiet Critters' sit on desks while children are working.  They are afraid of loud noise so everyone must be very quiet when they are around. :) Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

Quiet Critters sit on desks of students who are working quietly, but they disappear at the first sign of noise. Maybe a reward for the critters who "stay"

Quiet Critters & Quiet Spray - Classroom Management Labels from Stay Classy Classrooms

Quiet Critters & Quiet Spray Labels and Instructions

Quiet critters are a wonderful behavior reinforcement tool, especially during work time. These cute little critters are kept in a jar or a bucket and placed on each students desk when its time to work.This printable includes:- Suggestions on how to use the critters in your classroom- Instructions on how to make the critters- Quiet critter signs in 4 different color templates- Rocking Hundreds Chart (quiet critter reward)

Quiet Critter Behavior Management Printable